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A little shiny number @ Archies.

What I wore while fighting werewolves, dodging kids in cars and shooting hoops with my lil nephew. It was so lovely to just be able to take a break from the outside world (filled with exam anxiety lol.) and play a bunch of cool games, eat some BOMB food and be with the ones I love. Who I never get to see...
Surprisingly, this lil lurex glitter ensemble is not all from the same place! The bralette is from a drag queens garage sale (no exaggeration necessary) and I scored this pants at Supre for $4.50 on the end of the sale rack. (Side note: don’t you just LOVE when clothing from different places work as a SET together?!?!? It’s magical haha) 
If you wanna go to this amazing place that is super fun and wild it’s Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq in Alexandria (Sydney, Australia) there’s one in Melbourne as well so go check it out and have an amazing time with the ones you love :) ! P.S take cute pics of your #ootd and send them to me @ Archies because it’s a damn good Instagram spot ;) 
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