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What outfits I wore to Fashion Week: disco dresses, fur coats and much more!

Hey Grunge Kids,

This year I was quite “Kawaii” (“cute”) with variations of pastel colour schemes and eccentric adornations including neon berets and glitter loafers. This style is worlds apart from my usual two looks; trashy 90’s (duh. My blog literally has “grunge” in the title) and a mixture of “gogo-groovy” (1960/70s aesthetic) but I love playing dress up, exploring new ways to express new moods, thoughts or ideas through fashion. I guess I’m a little bit of a harajuku girl at heart. 
Day 2’s Outfit

Photos courtesy of: @jaylim1 and @onehungryphotographer
What am I wearing?  Dress: Nasty Gal Blouse: Vintage Shoes: UNIF

Day 3: 

Photos courtesy: @workingbasement_ All vintage and from Japan x 

Day 4: 

Photos courtesy: @jaysayaphoto
What am I wearing now? All vintage biatches! 

MBFWA 2018: A look so far.

Hey Grunge Kids,

I've been ever so lucky enough to receive the opportunity to attend Fashion Week in Sydney once again! I've basked in adoration, watched in excitement and gasped with joy at not only the runway but also in the ever-so vibrancy of streetwear that just screams 'the fashionista misfits' of Sydney. (Red was especially in!)

 A highlight of the week would be Bianca Spender's show on Tuesday. All I can say is, wow. Like seriously. Wow. Bianca is known for putting the drama in simple. But this year's resort collection was nothing but eye-gagging (in an AMAZING way)

Favourite Look:

Other highlights include: Alice McCall (Obviously), Thomas Puttick and much more.

I find it all too funny that my 'style' is world's apart from the shows I enjoy the most. I adore when the walk tells a story, rather than just a girl in some pretty clothes.

Below, is what I wore on Day 2, a full blog on my outfit's for the week will be coming shortly :)

My Look…

Mumma Mia.

Hey Grunge Kids,

This 'lil' number is a Modern-Day Quirky Sydney girl's tribute to one of my all-time favourite Swedish personalities 'ABBA' this combo is a mixture of vibrancy and groove, embedding Abba's fun, bright nearly screaming personality into this look.

I'll be wearing a tonne more crazy stuff like this next week. With a whole lot more blogs to come as I'm going to Fashion Week for the third year in a row! You'll hear lots of stuff from me next week at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2018!

Stay tuned x

Laneikka xoxoxo

Yours the Face LZA Theatre: On Review

A conflagration of inherit sexism, void vanity, hunger to bona fide human interaction all whilst  displayed through a series of angsty in aesthetic, "Tumblr" screensavers. "Yours the face" draws upon a two-dimensional facade, Liz Arday reveals the third-dimension the work has to offer.
This is the story of Emmy, an American Fashion model and Peter an Australian photographer and their search for the perfect photograph, lost in translation by their own inability to see the bigger picture.

Staged as a duologue with an individual voice, I found it all too exciting to see new Australian talent; Daniela Haddad emerge into the foreground. Although raw in experience, Haddad carried us through the struggles of living in a material world focalised on the physicality, the flaming desire to connect in a disconnected world and not telling your nana what great sex you had last night.

Have to be honest, without Liz Arday's direction the image would alter. I'd expect this …