Yours the Face LZA Theatre: On Review

A conflagration of inherit sexism, void vanity, hunger to bona fide human interaction all whilst  displayed through a series of angsty in aesthetic, "Tumblr" screensavers. "Yours the face" draws upon a two-dimensional facade, Liz Arday reveals the third-dimension the work has to offer.
This is the story of Emmy, an American Fashion model and Peter an Australian photographer and their search for the perfect photograph, lost in translation by their own inability to see the bigger picture.

Staged as a duologue with an individual voice, I found it all too exciting to see new Australian talent; Daniela Haddad emerge into the foreground. Although raw in experience, Haddad carried us through the struggles of living in a material world focalised on the physicality, the flaming desire to connect in a disconnected world and not telling your nana what great sex you had last night.

Have to be honest, without Liz Arday's direction the image would alter. I'd expect this level of detail from the recent recipient of Ensemble Theatre's 'Sandra Bates Directors Award' but her impeccable ability to distort our vision with this two-dimensional facade of visual installation, whilst jabbing us with the hard-hitting questions of sexuality, miscommunication and objectification gave Fleur Kilpatrick's words the shot they needed.

In short, this work is a play on the underlying misogynistic institutionalisation of the modern world. We hope Peter changes but we feel satisfied for Emmy. Still we are told to constantly change on the outside, but what about the inside?

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Images Courtesy of: Liz Arday

YOURS THE FACE by Fleur Kilpatrick
Directed by Liz Arday
Performed by Daniela Haddad
Lighting Design - Liam Okeefe
AV Design - Liz Arday
Stage Manager & Operator - Bridget Rose Dutoit
Assistant Director - Lana Morgan
Blood Moon Theatre May 1-12, 2018

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