A glove, bike, disco ball. Collaboration X Sandra Horodniceanu

A series I shot with the beautiful Sandra a little while back. Exploring all my favourite sub cultures of pop culture, becoming the stars we idolise. 
Everything is from Grunge Children Store’s latest Campaign x 
See more of Sandra’s work here:  @sandra_horodiceanu
HMUA by the lovely Natasha @natashapattaro.mua
Laneikka x @grunge_children @grungechildrenstore

A 60s House Wife with Bad Taste In Art

Hey Grunge Kids :)
I’m back ! ! ! Standing next to some really cheesy art in a very ‘if Bruce Springsteen had a lovechild with freaks and geeks’ outfit. 
You can never go wrong with a pair of Jerry Seinfeld level high waisted pants (god love ya Seinfeld) and a funky turtleneck. It makes me wish to live in the years of the 70s.... and 90s... 
You can get this entire look from Grunge Children Store ❤️ Instagram: @grungechildrenstore (FB is the same name x)  or through this link:  Mention “BLOG” to get 10% off :) 
Laneikka xoxoxo

A little shiny number @ Archies.

What I wore while fighting werewolves, dodging kids in cars and shooting hoops with my lil nephew. It was so lovely to just be able to take a break from the outside world (filled with exam anxiety lol.) and play a bunch of cool games, eat some BOMB food and be with the ones I love. Who I never get to see...
Surprisingly, this lil lurex glitter ensemble is not all from the same place! The bralette is from a drag queens garage sale (no exaggeration necessary) and I scored this pants at Supre for $4.50 on the end of the sale rack. (Side note: don’t you just LOVE when clothing from different places work as a SET together?!?!? It’s magical haha) 
If you wanna go to this amazing place that is super fun and wild it’s Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq in Alexandria (Sydney, Australia) there’s one in Melbourne as well so go check it out and have an amazing time with the ones you love :) ! P.S take cute pics of your #ootd and send them to me @ Archies because it’s a damn good Instagram spot ;) 
The …

A Red Tartan Maxi Skirt.

Blogged listening to the Palo Alto Soundtrack, crying my angsty eyes out to "is this sound okay?"

Apologies for my lack of blogging I've cramming (temporarily dying) from Year 11 and the exams that come with my final years of school...
On the bright side I found this beauty of a skirt thrifting when I was in New Zealand a little bit ago... It's currently my favourite piece in my wardrobe (even though its a few sizes too big :(((( )
I recently was with Grunge Children Store at Round She Goes Markets in Sydney and had such a blast meeting all of your beautiful faces, selling you some of my best finds! I'll be at Round She Goes Markets in Sydney again in October so keep a look out! 
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The designer jacket i found for $10 ...

I was lucky enough to find this lil treasure in NZ, pair this beauty with a pair of sparkly pants (also $10...) and a pair of silver shoes ! AH!
Disclaimer ** Not click bait this jacket is actually C/MEO collective and was actually $10 ...
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Gogo Bananas! .. In New Zealand

I've been a very lucky gal this past week as I've had the opportunity to explore New Zealand whilst working on a project. Tauranga is a beautifully lonely suburb, full of diversely rich architecture that astounds me for a town of its size. Everyday I walk down the street, smile at a new face and daydream like I'm in one of my beloved films Columbia whilst looking like a "get smart" character...

Tauranga. You've treated me well. One more day (and another fab outfit of course) before I'm back in plain old Sydney. 
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Only Seventeen.

Yesterday I became not only a dancing queen but one that was seventeen. (I've waited seventeen years to make that ABBA reference...) The teenage years are the strangest ones and each year I feel like I completely alter the way I see, think and feel about the world and I can't wait to continue to grow, learn and continue to be the 'dancing queen'...  I had such a beautiful day yesterday wondering the streets of Sydney with those I love the most, great food, seeing theatre all conquered whilst wearing one of the prettiest dresses I've ever seen let only owned. P.S I got this fur coat for $25 at my local op shop just a few days ago.... It may of been the best 'thrift' I've ever found. 

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