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Feels Blind Inc X Grunge Children

Hey Grunge Kids,

It's been a long process in the making but I can finally reveal the collaboration between Grunge Children and Grungy Fashion brand "Feels Blind Inc"
This is one of the best collab's Grunge Children has ever been apart of! I love the brand Feels Blind Inc when I got offered the opportunity to collab with this brand I was so excited! For a little background on Feels Blind Inc,  "It started in a studio that specializes in design and advertising in Los Angeles... I'd gotten most of my experience in fashion in the juniors markets (18-24) I'd had my work in Urban Outfitters, Nasty Gal and Delta Japan etc. But whilst working for other brands and I found it so limiting on what those companies will buy so... I started Feels Blind Inc (my own line) this line is really to do whatever I want artistically. No limits on 'what's hot with buyers this season' these pins are just the kick off for the brand, I'm planning on doing clothing soo…