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Theatre 2 see in Sydney: ASYLUM

A challenge to the whirlwind obscurities of the Australian legal system and how far one will go to seek forever Asylum.

I had the brilliant opportunity to endure the journey’s of five everyday Australian’s road to moralistic success through Ruth Fingret’s new work ‘Asylum.’ This work deals with the issues of disconnection, miscommunication, dishonesty and how whilst battling these issues all people just want to protect themselves and what’s important to them. The stylistic edgy, clean cut, fast-pace approach to these stories was juxtaposing, but intoxicatingly empathising to building these characters blackout by blackout. 
The space of Comber Street studios (Paddington, Sydney) further inspires the sterile conditions endured through the highs and lows of the multilayered plot. Combining this hostility with the intimate performance space, intensified the silent aggression of each scene. By somehow still achieving quite comical moments through the directional work of Richard Hilliar. 


Hey Grunge Kids,

I finally got a little break from the stress of exams, and busyness of shooting and filming the past couple months. 
So I took this days break as an opportunity to go ‘Op-Shopping’ with my beloved Momma x (Hey I even found my formal dress!) 
Details: Dress: River Island Shoes: Vintage 
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