MBFWA 2018: A look so far.

Hey Grunge Kids,

I've been ever so lucky enough to receive the opportunity to attend Fashion Week in Sydney once again! I've basked in adoration, watched in excitement and gasped with joy at not only the runway but also in the ever-so vibrancy of streetwear that just screams 'the fashionista misfits' of Sydney. (Red was especially in!)

 A highlight of the week would be Bianca Spender's show on Tuesday. All I can say is, wow. Like seriously. Wow. Bianca is known for putting the drama in simple. But this year's resort collection was nothing but eye-gagging (in an AMAZING way)

Favourite Look:
Angelic Pearl wrap around worn by the gorgeous Aleyna.
Courtesy of Getty Images

Other highlights include: Alice McCall (Obviously), Thomas Puttick and much more.

I find it all too funny that my 'style' is world's apart from the shows I enjoy the most. I adore when the walk tells a story, rather than just a girl in some pretty clothes.

Below, is what I wore on Day 2, a full blog on my outfit's for the week will be coming shortly :)

My Look:
Dress: Nastygal, Shoes: UNIF, Blouse/Bag: Vintage, Earrings: Handmade

Well I better get going as the shows don't stop for lil me in my glitter shoes...

Laneikka x
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