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Here's the latest shots from a collaboration I did with Stylist Brandon Jaen. I had such an amazing time working with him, modelling his curated looks. He's such a talented man with a great future in fashion. Here's a little info on Brandon:

What do you love most about your job?

A day in the life of a personal stylist is truly amazing, I am surround by an incredible work space, high end fitted change rooms & glamours racks of fashion pieces. When it comes to what I love? It's simply being that person or voice of reason to every woman and man who come in that need an educated and realistic point of view on 'how this fits' or 'what do you think'. I try to just keep it relaxed and fun and become that friend we all have that keeps it 100% honest and helpful.

How did you start in the fashion industry?

Starting initially in the art scene and working in retail for five plus years, fashion coincided with my everyday life from a very young age. I gravitated towards this passion like a lot of us do by starting in a retail position, working my way through roles and companies and then studying degrees to further my drive to create a stable career in fashion through internships and volunteer work at fashion week. All of this constant evolution lead me to my current role as personal stylist at Myer Sydney City.

When did you fall in love with fashion?

Fashion has been at the forefront of my childhood and has a lot to do with my culture, growing up Latino there is a lot of pride when it comes to dressing up and appropriately for parties and social events. As I moved into the art during University years I was introduced to a wide spectrum of artists, designers and pioneers of the world of fashion and textiles. This simply solidified my love for creativity and the importance of the fashion industry on a more personal level. Clothing is the skin we choose to showcase ourselves to the world and that makes fashion more then a profession, it is my lifestyle.

What are your aspirations?

Right now I am exactly where I need to be, I leave for Europe later on this year to hopefully excite my passion for further experiencing what this world has to offer me when it comes to fashion, art and history. 

The future holds some dreams that I would love to achieve some day, working as a creative director of a fashion house or magazine & continuing my own styling career professionally. 

Brandon's work provokes a lot of new fashion ideals emerging this year, here are the details on where to buy them. 

Look 1 'Pink'

Blouse/Dress- Glamourous

Undergarments- House of CB

Bag- Hermes

Shoes- Boohoo

Look 2 'Blue'

Playsuit- Bardot

Socks- Dangerfield

Shoes- Lipstik Shoes

Look 3 'Metallics'

Blouse- SASS

Dress- Topshop 

Shoes- UNIF

Again a huge thanks to Brandon for all his work and I hope you enjoyed this collaboration.

Announcement time... Grunge Children will be heading to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2017. Get ready for a whole lot of fashion!

Laneikka x

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