Fashion Week- Day 3 Runway Highlights

Hey Grunge Kids,

On Day 3 of MBFWA I was lucky enough to attend five runway shows, this was all thanks to the great team at Imanifest for sponsoring Grunge Children to attend Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia for the second year in a row! They're an amazing organisation created to help artists within creative industries achieve their goals. So again thank you Imanifest! 

Active Collection (Seafolly, Huntrland), Hansen & Gretel, NEXTGEN, Gary Bigeni, MACGRAW and ROOPA were the shows I attended. Here are the highlights and my favourite collections from the runway:

Gary Bigeni Collection 17'


Bigeni's Collection was a demonstration of simple, submissive Australian culture and design. These looks consisted of minimalistic design, well-constructed structure and a phenomenal use of block colours. 

Favourite Look: Pink suit set, metallic silver bralet 

ROOPA Collection 17'



ROOPA's collection was ethnically entrancing, consisting of bold, bohemian patterns straight out of the market streets in India. Even when watching this collection, the beautiful smells of Bollywood were alive in this show. 

Favourite Look: Floral Embroidered Maxi Dress with Orange scarf

Active Collection 17: Seafolly


Seafolly was a hit and miss this year, some looks were not constructed well and the designs were beige, lacking tone and constrast. But I loved this one, particular look as the velvet swim top was incredibly stunning. 

Active Collection 17: Huntrland



On the constrast to Seafolly, Huntrland's collection was amazing this year. Creating a beautiful relationship between Metallics and active gear, which should definitely be a new trend in active wear moving forward into 2017. 

Favourite Look: Metallic Hiking Jacket, Colour block grey/black leggings

Designer 1: Victoria Bliss

This collection by Bliss was such a knockout. Her use of fur and tartan throughout the whole collection was super Grunge (right up my alley!) 

Favourite Look: Tartan Cape, grey skirt 

Designer 2: Stephanie Henley
Henley's collection was exquisite with a balance of gentle fabrics and bold designs, all her pieces were works of art that really showed her talents as a designer! 

Favourite Look: Black Tule/Mesh Long sleeve Mini Dress

Designer 3: Sarah Hope Schofield

Schofield's collection heavily relied on this 'square' shape used throughout most looks. This shape really worked, bringing the bright colours of the pieces out on the runway. 

Favourite Look: All red two piece set with cowboy hat

Designer 4: Meredith Bullen

Bullen's collection consisted of denim, on denim, on denim... plus a little bit of wool. It was super 70's inspired and I really enjoyed some of the more contemporary looks created!

Favourite Look: Denim Jumpsuit

Designer 5 (Winner of favourite designer!):
Isabelle Quinn

Throughout the whole of Quinn's collection each look was paired with knee high silver boots, and a whole lot of sass! I loved all the star embroidery and really felt I could wear the whole collection anywhere I felt like! 
Therefore, Isabelle Quinn is my winner for favourite collection and designer! 

Favourite Look: White Mesh Long sleeve dress with star embroidery, paired with silver knee high boots

Day 3 #MBFWA was so great! Another blog about Day 4 coming out soon xx

Laneikka x

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