Fashion Week Recap: Street Style

Hey Grunge Kids,

I'm feeling super sick today :( but since I'm at home all gloomy from this weather, I thought it best to recap on this year's street style at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia 2017. 

Here are my top shots from my time at fashion week! The two best trends of street style included:

Fur: Nearly every blogger, stylist, designer that walked into Fashion Week had some type of furry companion on their shoulders! But these furry creations were not your ordinary, run of the mill brown or black fur coats. These furs were from every spectrum on the colour wheel, from pastel pink, to multi-coloured masterpieces. I really enjoyed this trend, and will be going to get myself another fur sometime soon.

Fringe: If you would of said that I'd be caught dead wearing fringe a couple years ago I would have laughed, but in the last year (especially present in the fashion world and at fashion Week) fringe has made an absolute comeback! Along with the nostalgic 70's theme. Similar to the fur trend of fashion Week, fringe was not just a tassel on an earring, or a compliment on a bag. Fringe was taken to the extreme, so much that some bloggers were pairing leather fringe skirts with bare bodysuits. I also loved this trend, as I will be adapting more fringe into my looks. 

Overall, the streetstyle and runway looks of fashion Week were very similar with one common feature. EXTREME. In Australia, minimalism has been booted out the door, and bold prints, statement pieces and metallic accessories are the must haves of the season! Making Australia's gloomy winter, a little brighter and exciting! 

Laneikka x

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