Shades On Party X Grunge Children

Hey Grunge Kids,

I just have to tell you all about the coolest new sunglasses labelled called "Shades On Party" a big special thanks to them for getting me some of the most awesome sunnies seen in the blog above! You can buy there stuff at:

The reason my pictures are looking extra edgy is all thanks to the combined work of journalist Alina who runs 'Reviewed by AB' and photographer Lee, these are the final shots after a long day of styling journalist Alina on how to "Grunge up her look" for a new article that'll be live on her site soon! Xx 

To find both of these awesome creatives work click here: 
Instagram: @reviewedbyab @leeroy.t 

Glasses- Shades on Party 
Top- Mink Pink Clothing
Jeans- Vintage
Shoes- Nastygal 

Laneikka xo
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