Fusion Editorial

Hey Grunge Kids,

I was lucky enough to be involved in this amazing project for the Vietnam Centre entitled 'Fusion' have a little read about it below! 

Foreword by Vietnam Center:⠀
“Let bygones be bygones”, so goes the idiom. However, Vietnam Centre and photographer Hans Bui share the belief that bygones can still find their niche in modern day hustle.⠀
Sleek appearance of modern garments and accessories, imposing and solemn silhouette of the Victorian Gothic buildings of the University of Sydney and the elegance and luxury of 15th century "áo giao lĩnh", "áo viên lĩnh" all blend in and flatter each other. This is not the first instance of East-West union, which has consistently taken place for thousand years, and definitely not the last. ⠀
Photographer: Hans Bui⠀
Stylist: Hoa Nguyen @boong_bi⠀
Makeup artist: Mai Phuong Phan @mai_mit_love_makeup 
Costumes: Trần Lê Trung Hiếu⠀
Models: Laneikka Denne & Hannah Phan
Artistic advisor: Annie⠀
Content advisor: Dong Nguyen⠀
Follow Vietnam Centre at: https://www.facebook.com/VietnamCentre/⠀

Laneikka x
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